Wipes and wipers are an important part of any cleaning process. Knowing the difference between the materials, and what surfaces they’re best used on, is key when it comes to making a more efficient cleaning process. So, what are the differences between the two? And how does this help your cleaning team?

A wiper is usually made from soft cloth or cloth-like materials and best used on glass to avoid the appearance of streaks. On the other hand, a wipe is often made from a paper towel or paper-towel-like material giving it high absorbency – making them perfect for wiping up spills.

The world of surface wipes and wipers is vast. Whether they’re being used to clean up spills, to sanitise surfaces or dust display cases, they’re an essential part of any facility’s cleaning process. Choosing the right wipes and wipers is essential when it comes to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness across any facility. So, what makes a good cleaning wipe?

  • All Purpose

Wipes and wipers that can be used on either wet or dry surfaces offer higher use and flexibility when it comes to cleaning. Depending on the material they’re made from a wipe or wiper can offer exceptional durability as well as a more thorough clean. Materials such as wood pulp or viscose and polyester give a user more cleaning power with less effort.

  • Economical

All-purpose wipes and wipers are also more economical when introduced to a cleaning process. Since they can be used multiple times and across multiple surfaces, more use per wipe means less money spent.

  • Convenient

When wipes come in easy to dispense packs, it helps to reduce contamination while also allowing for portability and ease of use. Having accessible and convenient wipes and wipers in a facility helps maintain a hygienic environment.

Correct cleaning with a high-quality product is the most effective method when it comes to removing pathogens and reducing the spread of infection in a facility. A good wipe or wiper should be made from durable material, have a strong weave for absorbency, grip on to dirt and grime and still be soft and pliable for sensitive surfaces.  Click here to view our disinfectant wipes.