The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) calls on all employers to step up their vigilance to ensure workplace safety. Our preliminary investigations into recent workplace fatalities revealed that deficient risk control measures and individual negligence were the primary causes. MOM will not hesitate to hold responsible employers and individuals accountable, including through prosecution.

For example, the lack of control measures at a demolition worksite led to the collapse of a wall which killed a worker. In a separate case, a driver was fatally struck by a reversing wheel loader. Had the right safety measures been in place, and had greater care been taken to ensure a safe work environment, these fatalities could have been prevented.

MOM has introduced tougher actions to penalise companies for such lapses, including doubling the composition fines for each lapse, requiring Chief Executives to personally account for lapses following serious or fatal workplace incidents, and requiring companies with major injuries and Stop Work Orders to engage external auditors to conduct a thorough review of their workplace safety and health processes. MOM will continue to strictly enforce these measures, and step up inspections.

“Each fatality serves as reminder of the severe consequences when workplace safety and health are not prioritised. We must not have a repeat of the spate of accidents in 2022. MOM will hold responsible parties fully accountable if they fail to protect the safety and well-being of workers,” said Mr Silas Sng, Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health, Ministry of Manpower.