The Trellchem® Hands-Free Visor Light System is a short throw illumination system for hands-free operation, designed to offer improved visibility and a safer working environment for the hazmat responder.

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes) – long life time, durable quality & energy efficient
  • Panoramic lighting – spreads the light through a wide area with no risk of blinding reflections
  • Lightweight – adds minimally to the total weight carried
  • Slim design – minimal interference with movement and other equipment
  • Fits in Trellchem gastight suits of encapsulating design (Level A), and can easily be installed in existing type CV or VP1 suits
  • US patent pending


  • Fulfills the requirements of the EU Directive 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • The Trellchem Hands-Free Visor Light System can be used in Trellchem suits with ATEX approval without affecting this approval
  • The system does not influence or interfere with any certification in regards of the Trellchem suit