SteelPro 2730 N95 Mask

•Ultralight and ergonomic design
•Non woven fabric in polyurethane polyester
•Heat sealed buckles, aluminum nose clip
•Double elastic straps for better fit
•White filter material
•Certified by NIOSH Institute – USA (N95)
•Standard 42 CFR 84

Protection level: N95

Provides comfortable and effective protection against dustparticles and particulate matter with 95% filtration efficiency.

Respirator designed in order to achieve greater comfort at the same time an effective interior freshness to the user, both in its placement and breathing thanks to its layer surface. Its convex shape, the design of its elastic bands and the aluminum clip for adjustment to the nose; ensure an excellent seal, adapting to a wide range of face sizes. The SteelPro 2730 maintenance-free respirator provides effective and comfortable respiratory protection against solid and liquid particles without oil. Protects against viruses such as tuberculosis and influenza. A quality respiratory protection product from SteelPro Safety

How to use: Place the respirator over your mouth and nose with metal fit up. Pull the elastic behind your head. Press metal fit for added support and comfort.