The WinGrip Horizontal Lifeline System allows access for as many as four workers along entire length of a wing or fuselage and is designed for construction, heavier maintenance or return operations.

System consists of two end-anchor vacuum pads with cables spanning in between, and intermediate anchors used as needed to suit any cable length. Each anchor is positioned and vacuum-locked in place, followed by stainless steel safety cables connected and tensioned at one end.

Workers connect to cables using the unique Latchways shuttle, while employing full body harnesses and work positioning ropes. System allowshands-free movement along entire cable length; shuttles glide over intermediate anchors.

System Benefits

  • Available in any length to suit any wing
  • Ideal for heavy maintenance / longer access requirements
  • As many as four users per system
  • Fall arrest-rated
  • Reliable method of installation and strip down
  • Provides full access to any wing without disconnection
  • Hands-free operation
  • Engineered system
  • Suitable for use with the Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD) to facilitate rescue