Since 1999, the WinGrip System vacuum anchor has provided a single fall protection anchor point for one worker on wings, fuselage or stabilizers.

Quickly and easily installed, highly portable single-user system is designed for line maintenance and other short-term, temporary work. Anchor is positioned and vacuum-locked in place, then used by a worker wearing a full body harness with safety lanyard and work positioning rope connected to the vacuum anchor.

Adjustable work positioning rope provides 10-ft. (3 m) safe working radius for comfortable hands-free movement. Two vacuum anchors can be used to triangulate and fix worker positioning.

System Benefits

  • Ideal for short term access
  • System installed and ready for use in minutes
  • Additional users protected by simply adding additional WinGrip vacuum pad
  • Easily upgraded to Lifeline System
  • Two pads used together provide a restraint system even on smallest of aircraft
  • Suitable for use with the MSA Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD) to facilitate rescue