The Latchways WinGrip AIO System vacuum anchor is designed for flightline or quick hanger tasks. WinGrip AIO System certified fall arrest system is meant for personnel working on aircraft during manufacture or routine maintenance operations, providing both fall arrest and fall restraint.

WinGrip AIO System for fall protection is lightweight, compact, intrinsically safe, and can be used inside and outside of aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities. System is powered by either compressed air or nitrogen, offering working temperature range from arctic freezing to extreme desert. System is quick to deploy and easy to use on walking wing areas or structural fuselage sections.

WinGrip AIO System fall arrest-rated vacuum anchor employs a removable, rechargeable gas bottle. AIO System anchor can also be supplied using shop air found in any hanger. When the pad has been vacuum-locked in place, worker can attach to the system wearing a full body harness and work positioning ropes to enable hands-free access for all necessary maintenance.

System Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Can be used independently; no need for additional modules or pads
  • Uses no electricity; suitable for use within both wet and dry conditions
  • Powered by nitrogen or compressed air
  • Refillable gas bottle allows unlimited usage time
  • Compliant with all relevant worldwide standards such as ANSI and CE certification