Integration, Central Power

  • Coordinated components with limited interfaces for superior system performance
  • Reduced weight, bulk, obstruction offer increased user performance
  • Single power supply decreases power management effort providing higher system reliability

Face Piece

  • Open port technology allows effortless breathing in stand-by
  • Low profile without snagging and improved weight distribution
  • Huge field of vision for unobstructed view

Low Cost of System Ownership

  • All mask components are easily accessible and interchangeable providing low maintenance effort
  • Central power concept reduces effort for battery monitoring and exchange
  • Face piece does not bear electronic components which makes a personally issued mask affordable

Intuitive Interaction

  • Clearly marked touch points for reliable operation, even under stress
  • Context sensitive display in control module shows only relevant information allowing the user to concentrate on his job
  • Control module features both, analogue and digital display


  • Greater system reliability due to central processing module
  • Successfully tested against harsh NFPA and EU standards

Long-Range Radio

  • Best reputed telemetry system in the market
  • State of the art monitoring system to allow low-impact and highly reliable accountability

Advanced Hip Belt Features

  • Swiveling belt connection adjusts to body movements for better weight distribution, balance and comfort
  • Easy to use and robust height adjustment to accommodate different torso lengths

HUD (Optional)

  • Displays pressure, system and alarm status without work interruption
  • Light pipes emit LED’s from demand valve inside mask, making it independent of environmental conditions
  • No electronics in mask reduce system costs

High Pressure Quick Connect (Optional)

  • Saves 90% of time needed for cylinder exchange
  • Built-in flow restrictor prevents uncontrolled flow in case of valve breakage

Voice Communication (Optional)

  • Voice projection facilitates intra team and training communication
  • Integrated microphone picks up voice inside the mask independent of environmental conditions
  • High volume and speech intelligibility

Available in both NFPA & EN Approvals