Hazardous Spill Response

Spill response is an important part of a company’s safety and health program. Well-prepared companies keep an update plan of action and the appropriate clean-up supplies on hand in case. A simplified Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for spill response might look like this:

  • Evacuate personnel from the immediate area of the spill
  • Identify the spilled material(s)
  • Notify the CERT team
  • Barricade the spill area and notify others in surrounding areas
  • Extinguish or disconnect all sources of ignition if chemical is flammable
  • Don the appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Contain the spill
  • Clean up the spill
  • Dispose of the spill in accordance with local regulation under SS 603: 2014 Code of Practice for Hazardous Waste Management


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