3M Safety Walk Tactile Markers

Brand NEW to the market with innovative combination of 3M proprietary Safety-Walk™ and VHB™

  • Surface Material – Excellent slip resistance with Safety-Walk™ slip resistant material embedded on top.
  • Adhesive – Provides high strength with the capability of conforming to the irregularities of rigid substrates with VHB™ (VHB means very high bond) foam tape.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Clean and dry the application surface; then just remove the liner and stick.
  • Convenient, quiet and clean installation with pre-set installation templates.
  • Preferred and reliable brands.


  • Brand 3M
  • Size & Packing

    D-Series : 32 pieces per carton

    P-Series : 656 pieces per carton

    W-Series : 288 pieces per carton

  • Part Numbers

    Directional Tactile Marker – TG610-D (Black), TG370-D (Grey), TG630-D (Yellow)

    Positional Tactile Marker – TG610-P (Black), TG370-P (Grey), TG630-P (Yellow)

    Warning Tactile Marker – TG610-W (Black), TG370-W (Grey), TG630-W (Yellow)

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