3M E-A-Rfit Validation Program

Ever wonder how much protection you are getting from your hearing protective devices (HPD) like earplugs or earmuffs? Noise-induced deafness (NID) was the leading Occupational Diseases (OD) in 2014 with 594 cases or 60% of the total OD cases confirmed. 98% of the NID cases were diagnosed at the early stage of the disease. 14 workers suffered from severe hearing loss in the same year. It takes less than 10 seconds per ear and 3 simple steps to combat NID. Use 3M E-A-Rfit validation system. No more guessing game on what you are getting from your HPD.


  • Establish baseline values for new workers
  • Helps identify workers receiving inadequate protection that leaves them at risk of threshold shifts
  • Validate high protection levels required by workers in high noise areas

Fit, Train and Motivate

  • Provides tool for training proper insertion techniques and to assess proficiency
  • Great for required refitting or retraining as required by OSHA after standard threshold shifts (STSs) are detected
  • Motivates employees by helping them realize the control they have in protecting their hearing

Assess & Manage

  • Improves long term performance of your hearing conservation program
  • Indicates employees needing further fit training or alternative hearing protector
  • Input your noise exposure data and the E-A-Rfit software can help you identify the most appropriate hearing protector(s) and help minimize over/under protection


  • Brand 3M

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