3M 425 Aluminum Foil Tape

aluminum foil tape 425

3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425 is a 2.8 mil dead-soft aluminum foil backing combined with a special transparent synthetic acrylic adhesive that makes this our best general purpose foil product available. This tape has excellent heat and light reflection to protect against high temperatures and U.V. degradation.

The foil also serves as an excellent barrier against moisture, dust, flame, and certain chemicals as used in aircraft paint stripping masking and the tape is also a good candidate as a maskant in electroplating of aluminum because it will not contaminate the bath. Its very low moisture vapor transmission rate also makes the tape a good sealant.

The special acrylic adhesive supplies superior temperature, U.V. and solvent resistance to produce a strong, lasting and reliable bond. It provides excellent age life and is ideal for harsh, long-term indoor and outdoor environments.

3M Aluminum Foil Tape 425 meets U.L. 746C (File E 122798) and 723, Class “L” for low flammability rating (File R 7311). It can be certified to meet SAE-AMS-T-23397 and LT-80C and meets F.A.R 25.853(a), O447 Temperature use range is from -65° to 300°F (-54° to 149°C).

Application Ideas:

  • Aircraft paint stripping maskant
  • Moisture barrier in “white goods” appliances
  • General purpose heat reflector and heat dissipater
  • Mechanically hold wires and cooling coils in “white goods” appliances
  • Repair tears on truck trailers and aircraft
  • Splicing of thin gauge foils
  • General purpose holding, patching, sealing applications – indoors and out
  • Designed to seal the cut edges of 3M Interam Mats and 3M Duct Wrap to complete total encapsulation


  • Conformable tape resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation, and many chemicals
  • Thermally conductive tape helps heating and cooling efficiency
  • Heat and light reflective tape protects insulates and enhances lighting efficiency
  • Acrylic adhesive combined with the rugged, durable backing provides long service life both indoors and out
  • Masking, sealing, seaming, shielding, chemical stripping, harness wrapping, joining, vibration damping, electroplating, plastic protection, chemical milling, heat shielding, heat reflecting, paint stripping


  • Brand 3M
  • Size & Packing

    19mm x 55m – 144 rolls/carton

    25mm x 55m – 108 rolls/carton

    50mm x 55m – 48 rolls/carton

    75mm x 55m – 36 rolls/carton

    other sizes available

  • Part Numbers


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