3M 472 Vinyl Tape

472 vinyl tape

The 3M 472 Vinyl Tape is a thick and versatile tape. It is ideally suited for heavy-duty protection and abrasion resistance applications. It comprises of a tough 9.0 mil black vinyl backing with black pigmented rubber adhesive. Hence, the backing thickness makes it ideal for applications requiring both surface protection, as well as the inherent conformability of vinyl.

This reliable tape is effective for use in outdoor applications and will remove cleanly from many surfaces for up to six months. The tape is not only moisture resistant but also non-corrosive to help safeguard surfaces. Smooth unwind makes the tape easy to apply. Not only that, its black color helps it stand out for good visibility. For best results, we recommend applying this tape to clean and dry surface, at temperatures between 60 to 80 degrees F (16 to 27 degrees C).

Application Ideas:

  • Heavy duty protection and abrasion resistance
  • Splicing and patching
  • Outdoor sealing, protecting, and marking
  • Dissimilar metal separation
  • Sealing barrier films and containers
  • Abrasive blast overspray protection
  • Splicing and patching
  • Outdoor weathering applications
  • Electroplating
  • Protecting metal from corrosion


  • 9.0 mil backing is ideal for surface protection against heavy abrasion
  • Provides temperature resistance up to 225 degrees F/107 degrees C
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Conformability and dead stretch proper ties
  • Ideal for taping or sealing curved and irregular surfaces
  • Versatile rubber adhesive sticks well to a variety of surfaces
  • Provides clean removal up to 6 months in outdoor applications


  • Brand 3M
  • Size & Packing

    1″ x 36 yards – 36 rolls/carton

    2″ x 36 yards – 24 rolls/carton

    other sizes available

  • Part Numbers


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