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MARTOR KG from Solingen is the leading international manufacturer and provider of high quality safety knives and safety scissors for more cutting safety. With their GS-certified safety technologies, the professional cutting tools contribute to increased occupational safety and a reduction in cutting injuries. This makes them an important part of personal protective equipment in industry, retail/logistics, trade etc.

Further cutting tools from the MARTOR range include utility knives, scrapers, deburring cutters, graphic cutters and scalpels. The Solingen knife company has a wide range of high-quality utility blades available for all of its cutting tools: trapezoid blades, hook blades, industrial blades, scraper blades, deburring blades, graphic blades, scalpel blades etc.

Like the MARTOR utility knives, MARTOR safety knives are also mostly used as universal knives to cut paper, card and cardboard, films, carpet, PVC, rubber, leather, styrofoam and foam quickly and reliably, to open bagged goods and to cut through straps and adhesive tape. In addition to this there are also MARTOR safety knives which can be used specially as film cutters, cardboard knives or bag openers because of their special handle and blade properties.

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